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Quotes on Pet

A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself.
- Josh Billings
A dog teaches a boy fidelity, perseverance, and to turn around three times before lying down.
- Robert Benchley
A happy arrangement: many people prefer cats to other people, and many cats prefer people to other cats.
- Mason Cooley
A kitten is in the animal world what a rosebud is in the garden.
- Robert Southey
Animals are such agreeable friends - they ask no questions; they pass no criticisms.
- George Eliot
Cat: a pygmy lion who loves mice, hates dogs, and patronizes human beings.
- Oliver Herford
Cats are connoisseurs of comfort.
- James Herriot
Cats are inquisitive, but hate to admit it.
- Mason Cooley
Cats are intended to teach us that not everything in nature has a purpose.
- Garrison Keillor
Cats don't like change without their consent.
- Roger Caras