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Quotes on Parents

The only way we can be there for our children is to be there for ourselves.
- Anonymous
The central struggle of parenthood is to let our hopes for our children outweigh our fears.
- Ellen Goodman
While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about.
- Anonymous
Parents who are afraid to put their foot down usually have children who step on their toes
- Chinese Proverbs
If you raise your children to feel that they can accomplish any goal or task they decide upon, you will have succeeded as a parent and you will have given your children the greatest of all blessings.
- Brian Tracy
Children are natural mimics who act like their parents despite every effort to teach them good manners
- Anonymous
To understand your parents' love you must raise children yourself.
- Chinese Proverbs
Where parents do too much for their children, the children will not do much for themselves.
- Elbert Hubbard
The joys of parents are secret, and so are their griefs and fears: they cannot utter the one, nor will they utter the other.
- Francis Bacon
Some parents really bring their children up; others let them down.
- Anonymous